Our Roof Management Program is available for muti-level facilities and multi-location building facilities. Simply put, we function as ROOF MANAGERS for building owners. The responsibility for your roofs becomes ours.

The Goal

“Protect the roof invesment and avoid costly roof replacement, by implementing sound planning, record-keeping, maintenance and inspection (PRIM Program) year in and out.”

The Roof Management Program Provides

  • Expedient service and problem solving
  • Longer roof service life
  • Control of roofs from the elements and physical abuse
  • Accurate up to date record-keeping
  • Sound budgeting and forecasting
  • A maintenance program with record-keeping
  • Plant roof drawings
  • Timely roof inspection reports

Together we alleviate

  • Unannounced costly roof replacement
  • The uncertainty of roof warranty and bonds
  • The owners burden and concern
  • Unnecessary spending
  • Water damage to product
  • The spread of internal ┬ámoisture damage
  • The confusion over value and the bidding process
  • The roof being “out of sight and out of mind”

The easiest way to find out more about our Roof Management Program is to spend a few minutes with us and find out how and why it has worked successfully for other facilities like yours. The Roof Management Program protects and watches over all roofs at your facility, regardless of who installed them.

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